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cf_bodymod's Journal

Body modification from a childfree perspective
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This community is intended for childfree people with an interest in body modifications; tattooing, branding, piercing, scarification, etc.

Here you can discuss your body modifications without fear of being told "That tattoo will be huge when you get pregnant!" or "What will the other mothers think when you pick up your child from school?!" because well, we don't want to have children.

Needless to say membership is strictly childfree, parents (biological or otherwise) and trolls will be promptly laughed at and then removed.

Appropriate topics for posts would be: questions or advice about body modification, posts showing off your body modification, posts showing off your body modification designs, body modification in the news, (childfree) rants about body modification and so on.
Posts about extreme hairstyles are also allowed.

Make photos friend-list friendly; Don't post any photos larger than 600x600 pixels unless you put them behind a cut. Multiple photos should also be put behind a cut.
Pictures of intimate bodyparts or depictions thereof should be cut and posted in locked posts as stated in the LJ TOS.
Posts breaking this rule may be removed without notification at the moderator's discretion.

Moderated by merciless thaily, if you have any complaints just send me a PM here on LJ.
I will take applications for mods if the community picks up.