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Another CF hardcore member coming out of the woodwork;
Currently, Piercing wise:
two in each lobe all BCRs, a 2.4 mil in each (higher), a 1.8 mil in the right and a 3 mil in the left,
1.8 mil thorugh top of the left,
nose with small BCR,
eyebrow I suspect is growing out,
and my tongue (wanted for 10 years, got it done when I was 18).
I also have a scaffold, but it wasnt healing so I took out the bar, which I suspect was too short, and replaced it with a pair of rings; im going to get a longer bar for it in a while.

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I have a scaffold/industrial piercing and it's finally all healed up.

I had the ends replaced when I lost one of the balls because I got some hair on the screw but I also need a shorter bar. So I want to shop around for one or two new pieces but I'm having such a hard time finding jewelery for industrials, can anyone help?

General body jewelery sites are good too, it's not my only piercing :P
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New tattoo ideas?

Hi all! I'm in the mood to get a new tattoo, but am completely out of ideas for exactly what to get. I'd like to get something that represents justice and equality, but don't want any Chinese writings or anything like that. Have considered the "scales of justice" idea, but I don't find them esthetically pleasing enough to have them on my body for the rest of my life. I'm hoping to get it done on my wrist, so it has to be something fairly compact as well. At the moment, I have a phoenix and a gothic design, both on my torso, so I don't have any particular tattoo themes going.

Any suggestions?
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Hey, brand new here, and I was wondering if anyone has answers to these questions. What's the age for getting piercings in the UK? I'm going on a trip to London next month, and I'm thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced if I can. Also, what London parlors would people recommend?
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I got my Bridge pierced on friday!!!
Sorry need to share was overwhelming ^-^
If youd like pics, check out my facebook, Raelene Kidd ^-^
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Tattoo #4: Seahorse

I just got my fourth tattoo earlier this evening...it's a Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) done in black and white with my late grandmother's initials (T.T.G.) in the body. The Lined Seahorse is the only species that lives in the Chesapeake Bay, so in this manner, it represents my home state of Maryland. And my grandmother first sparked my interest in the ocean and everything that lives in it when I was little, so I wanted to honor her in this way.

My seahorse is on my left inner forearm and was done by Alfie Lambert of Marks of the Spark in Frederick, MD (he did my other three, as well).
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I love my new ink! After I take the bandage off tomorrow morning, I'll probably spend the whole day staring at it...just kidding. Seriously though...yeah, I probably will. :-D
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Hey, cf bodymod friends!

Since the last post at cf_hardcore brought some bodymods out of the cf woodwork, I thought we could have an intro post again, just to get interest raised again for a bit. :)

I'm Luna, I only have one lobe piercing each, but I shave my head, which in the world of the female might as well be traditional bodymod. Of course, there's a reason, but as long as it's voluntary, I get strange looks sometimes anyway. Except for an older man at the grocery store who gave me a compliment. :) I hope to have a labret piercing, cartilege piercing, perhaps a small nose piercing, and a tattoo by the end of the next school year.

All right, all, have at it! :) And stories are lovely, too.
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Hurray for holes in your body ;)

Three weeks ago my CFBF and I went to the piercing parlor to get some piercings.

As a spur of the moment thing I decided to get an "industrial" piercing (also referred to as a "scaffold") in addition to the piercings we already had planned.

Now I've gotten my cartilage pierced twice before, both were shot with a piercing gun which was really fast and relatively painless so I hadn't given much thought to how they'd pierce the industrial. In hindsight it really makes sense they'd use a needle so the bar will go in straight but holy crap it hurt! O_o
The industrial is without a doubt the most painful piercing I've ever had, just as a heads up to anyone who might be interested in getting one, and I've been pierced in far more sensitive places than my ear!

I've been told that piercing cartilage with a piercing gun might break the cartilage and cause the ear to deform but I haven't had any trouble with the gun and I'm not sure you don't run the same risk with a needle piercing O_o

But three weeks later it's well on it's way to healing so I'll want to replace the piercing soon. If anyone has a good link to a site with a good selection of nice piercing jewelery I'd be grateful, especially if they have a lot of titanium.
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My First Tattoo

Just got this yesterday, so it hasn't healed yet, but I thought I might as well show it off.

ETA: This was done by Eric of Raygun Tattoo in Dana Point, CA. If you're looking for an artist in SoCal I highly recommend him!

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Crazy question

I read something about tattoo artists mixing the ashes of cremated loved ones with the tattoo ink, but I can't remember where I read it and Google is no help.

Has anyone heard of this or similar practices?
Maybe religious rituals as well?
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